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UNTESTED READ FIRST - Vintage 1970's Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

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Camera only

Type: Single-lens reflex

Production: 1972 to 1981
Lens: 4-element 116 mm f/8 fixed glass[1]
Film format: SX-70
Film size: 79mm × 79mm ( 3 1/8" × 3 1/8" )
Film speed: 160
Recording medium: Instant film
Film advance: Automatic
Focus: Manual; Automatic (on Sonar models)
Battery: 6 V Polapulse cell inside film pack

Body features: glass-filled polysulfone (Model 1)

ABS (Models 2 & 3) Models 2 & 3 used ABS in either Ebony or Ivory color


Branded front flap does not stay up

Branded front flap falls when camera is open and picked up (refer to photos)

Uncertain of film cartridge status

Good cosmetic condition

Some wear was difficult to capture in pictures

**Wear/tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs because of normal wear or aging