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UNTESTED Graflex 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 Anniversary Speed Graphic Optar f4.7 135mm Camera

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Camera with lens only

Anniversary Speed Graphic

Year: 1940-1946
Graflex Optar f4.7 135mm lens
Picture size: 3-1/4" x 4-1/4"
Bellows capacity: 12"
Lensboard: 3-1/4" square
Focal Plane Shutter: 24 speeds up to 1/1000 and "time." Built in focal plane shutter flash synchronization.
Graphic back (also known as the "Spring Back") retains the focusing screen and hood assembly to the back of the camera using a pair of wide flat springs
Satin black with chrome trim
Bed and body track rails are linked, allowing focusing of wide angle lenses within body
Solid wire frame viewfinder


Good cosmetic condition

Some wear was difficult to capture in pictures

Has scratches, scuffs, marks, dust, dirt, aging, discoloration, paint chipping, peeling material, etc.

Professional cleaning and and inspection recommended

**Wear/tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs because of normal wear or aging